SALES SENSE PAYMENTS is proud to offer our customers and partners a free and easy way to support and enhance community health and business development in the city’s southeast area.

Swipe for SEAC is the only payments processing program which guarantees ongoing donations to SEAC- providing support, solutions and peace of mind in your neighborhood.

Payment Processing That Makes a Difference

Sales Sense Payments is partnering with SEAC after reflecting on the devastating impact of the pandemic on small business in the city of Rochester. SEAC’s commitment to stimulating local economy and attracting customers to neighborhood merchants involves team effort and we feel privileged to join the roster. Switching to Sales Sense is an investment in yourself and your community.

SEAC is buttressing our local merchants by developing back-to-work initiatives and incentivizing your patronage with programs like ROCing The Takeout and SEACing It Out member benefits program (more info coming soon).

Please contact SEAC’s Fundraising Coordinator, Kiki Smith, at kirstyn@seacrochester.org


You Risk Nothing

Supporting our community costs your business nothing. We will match your current processing rate and you will receive our in-store marketing kit, proudly

promoting your participation in the Swipe for SEAC program.

Customers Respond

Customers like supporting businesses actively involved in important issues like strengthening their local community. Surveys show that consumers strongly consider switching to a brand that is engaged in supporting a cause. Many customers are likely to identify with your decision to make a difference by teaming with SEAC and Sales Sense Payments.

Benefits to SEAC

As the exclusive payment processing partner, Sales Sense Payments will contribute a donation of $25 for every new account and 50% of its ongoing gross profits to SEAC. Help us to exceed our annual goal of $10,000 and join now.

Call today to show your support:


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Sales Sense Payments is a DBA of Sales Sense Solutions, Inc. is a Registered Agent of NPC, a Registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha, NE.

Sales Sense Payments. 2604 Elmwood Ave #188 | Rochester, NY 14618 | 585.861.6403 | www.SalesSensePayments.com.

SEAC: Building business, community, and security in our neighborhoods 630 East Avenue |Rochester, NY 14607 | 585.210.9140.


Savings – Average savings of 25% or more in their fees per month. 

Local Support – Mike gives all his clients my mobile number so no more 800 lines. 

Technology – Mike is Independent so he looks out for his client’s best interest and find the perfect POS for them.  Included in our technology offering is an application for your phone, virtual terminal and pay now button for their website. 

Funding – Next day. Clients receive their processing transactions.