Sponsor SEAC’s 2023 Blender Today

Dear SEAC friend,

My name is Kiki Smith, and I am the Fundraising and Outreach Coordinator for the SEAC and the Tool Shed.   Celebrating the South East Area, our major annual event, will be held right here in our neighborhood on September 8th at Sager Beer Works. Please find your save the date attached. We hope you will join us!

We’re also really hoping you’ll help strengthen our celebration this year with a corporate sponsorship.  SEAC’s Tool Shed, our newest $75K annual investment, offers anyone in the Greater Rochester Area a hand up with the opportunity to borrow, save, learn, fix, and build.  It is integral to upholding our mission and positively impacting the quality of life for residents, businesses, organizations in our area as well as the other 34 zip codes we currently serve. Your support for this year’s celebration would help us hammer the stakes of change deep in our community, ensuring the resources and initiatives  we  offer remain viable and vital in 2024. 

Since we opened in April 2022, the SEAC Tool Shed has saved our 286 members more than $80,000 and diverted more than 3 tons of waste from our three area landfills.  We have lent 1500 tools from an inventory of more than 730 items, nearly all of which have been donated by community members and local businesses. 

But that’s not all we’ve done with the funds raised last year! It also helped us:

  • Disperse scholarships to at-risk youth at Center for Youth to pursue their vocational and educational goals.
  • Hold The Ladybugs Festival, a community cultivation event celebrating local women-led businesses and promoting environmental sustainability.
  • Provide city school students summer internships at our tool-lending library through Rochester’s   Summer of Opportunities Program.
  • Hold an inclusive community cultivation trivia night at Dicky’s, the oldest business in the area.
  • Assist Xerox in creating a sustainable pollination garden at the Webster Arboretum.
  • Conduct hands-on workshops with community garden 490 Farmers for gardening with physical challenges.
  • Assist grass-roots organizations, businesses, and neighborhood associations to apply for funding and provide them with needed insurance.
  • Deliver holiday greetings from southeast area neighbors to Kirkhaven residents and area veterans.
  • And so much more!

Your neighborhood is your best investment and we’re grateful for contributors like you. SEAC is committed to working with you to make it a healthy, safe, and happy place. We can deconstruct map coordinates and cycles of poverty- together!