SEAC’s Supportive Sponsors!

We want to thank all of our very generous 2021-2022 sponsors who’s assistance help makes what we do possible!

Thanks to Our Sponsors for Making This Celebration Possible!

Premier Sponsor

Pinata Sponsor

Party Hat Sponsors

Favor Bag Sponsors

The Ladybug Festival: Growing With SEAC at Wide Water Gardens (2022)

Miracle Grower Sponsor

Healthy Harvest Sponsor

Fertile Soil Sponsor

Tool Shed (2021)

Find out more about the Tool Shed

Senior Architect ($10k)

Toolbox Sponsor ($1k)

Toolbelt Sponsor ($500)

Nuts and Bolts Sponsor ($250)

Tool Shed Collaborations

Celebrating the South East Area (September 2021)

Fireworks Sponsor

Bonfire Sponsorship

Roaring Fireplace Sponsors

Sunrise Sponsors

Growing With SEAC (July 2021)

Abundance Food Co-Op

Grass Fed: A Vegan Butcher

High Falls Tree Service

Indigo Luxe Collections

Just Juice 4 Life

Misfit Doughnuts and Treats

 Red Fern

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