SEAC’s Supportive Sponsors!

We want to thank all of our very generous 2021-2022 sponsors who’s assistance help makes what we do possible!

Tool Shed (2021)

Find out more about the Tool Shed

Senior Architect ($10k)

Toolbox Sponsor ($1k)

Toolbelt Sponsor ($500)

Nuts and Bolts Sponsor ($250)

Tool Shed Collaborations

Celebrating the South East Area (September 2021)

Fireworks Sponsor

Bonfire Sponsorship

Roaring Fireplace Sponsors

Sunrise Sponsors

Growing With SEAC (July 2021)

Abundance Food Co-Op

Grass Fed: A Vegan Butcher

High Falls Tree Service

Indigo Luxe Collections

Just Juice 4 Life

Misfit Doughnuts and Treats

 Red Fern

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