Feeling Your Way Gardening Event at Kirkhaven Nursing Home

Groundhog got you down? Not us!

We had great time helping residents of Kirkhaven plant the seeds for a Three Sisters Garden! Come this spring, we’ll be planting these at our partner Community Garden, 490 Farmers!

Using adaptive color and texture techniques for challenges of vision loss, Kirkhaven graciously hosted the first workshop in our 2023 Feeling Your Way gardening series.

We shared stories, memories, folklore, smiles and more smiles as we started squash, corn, tomato and other plants for germination on their sunny, warm, and joyful window sills!

Keep your eyes, ears, noses and fingers peeled for more information about our Three Sisters Planting Day on April 23!


SEAC is dedicated to creating an open, safe environment for all our employees, volunteers, community members and residents.  SEAC’s mission is to promote quality of life within the southeast area of Rochester by connecting individuals and community partners to essential resources.  Our Tool Shed’s mission is to provide our members the tools they need to create the changes they want.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are at the core  of every facet of SEAC’s mission and work, not just in our service area, but throughout Greater Rochester.

Check out our Pillars of Focus Impact Summary for our 2022-2023 Fiscal Year to see the work SEAC’s done in our neighborhoods and communities and beyond.

Free Financial Literacy Course

SEAC and KeyBank are collaborating to a course on Financial Literacy!

This class will be both virtual and a limited amount of spots for in person. The first class will be held in February 27th.

If you are interested in attending, please fill out this quick survey from KeyBank. Their educators will tailor build the class based on what interests the group most.

Secondly, please fill out SEAC’s Financial Class Registration, so we can contact you with the exact date and time, zoom information, and/or any other information and updates.

This class is free and open to the public! Sign up today!

SEAC’s January Newsletter is Here!

January has been a busy (and fun and fantastic) month for SEAC!

We’ve celebrated one year of moving into our new location and setting up the Tool Shed as well as hiring Nick Wilbur, our amazing Tool Shed Coordinator.

We were awarded $10,000 by the Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation (THANK YOU)!

We got two new businesses signed on for SEACing It OutCrumpets and Metro Salon!

AND we have five DIY classes coming throughout Feb and March!

Check out all the cool news here! If you’re not subscribed, you can do that on our website:).

Moving to Our New Home- 1 Year Later!

Today, January 3rd, 2023, marks our one year anniversary of moving into our new home at 1255 University Ave, C010 (Lower Level)!

What a crazy year it’s been. Thank you to all SEAC’s staff, board members, volunteers, and all our community partners that helped get us to our new location and getting the Tool Shed up and running!

While it took a bit of time to gather the donations and get them entered into our database, we were super eager to open our doors to the public!

With roughly 250 tools in our inventory, on April 4th, 2022, we did just that!

Since opening we have:

  • Enrolled over 270 members from over 34 zip codes.
  • Gathered an inventory of over 700 tools
  • Rented out over 1,400 tools.
  • Saved Greater Rochesterians roughly $76,000 in tool purchases.
  • Kept an estimated over 3 tons of tool waste out of landfills.
  • Partnered with other local agencies: Fairport Tool Thriftshop, Mayer Hardware, St. Michael’s Woodshop, and The Buffalo Tool Library.
  • Provided tools to community gardens and Neighborhood Associations.
  • Developing several DIY classes, including:
  • Tool Safety in collaboration with Mayer Hardware.
    • How to change the guts of a toilet.
    • How to safely change an electrical outlet.
    • How to change a doorknob and deadbolt.
    • Financial Literacy in collaboration with KeyBank.
    • Post-closing home ownership education.
  • And more as we continue to grow!

We look forward to seeing you all at the Tool Shed!

“We have the tools you need to create the changes you want to make!”

SEAC Trivia Night at Dickey’s Corner Pub!

Join us on Feb. 21 from 6-9 PM for an evening of  fun, facts, and Fat Tuesday celebrations  this  Mardi Gras at Dickey’s Corner Pub.  

With four fabulous bar trivia categories to conquer, you and your friends  won’t  want  to miss this  free  event, open to the community. We’ll have  a “trash or treasure” screwdriver pull where everyone  wins something from gift cards to local businesses to gag gifts. Looking for a unique art or conversation piece for your mantel or office?

Check out these  restored antique tools by local artist and Tool Shed member/volunteer, Michael Clinton. Compete against your friends  and enemies  during our old-fashioned paper bid silent auction for a chance to walk out with a singular showpiece and collector’s  item.

The oldest business in the  southeast area of the city, Dicky’s is casual and comfortable. It’s the perfect place  to weave together art, competition, history, and  entertainment.  Whether you’re  handy around the house or not, it’s a great way  for you to help us build- our community!

KivaRoc Community Small Business Loans

KivaRoc helps you get 0% interest, $0 fee, community backed small business loans from $1,000 to $15,000 through Kiva.org, an online crowdfunding platform. Kiva has the website and a huge community of lenders that support small businesses around the world $25 at a time

A comprehensive Guidebook to getting Kiva loans.

Loans in Rochester so far.

Start your application.

Non-Kiva Resources

Free Financial Coaching.

SBDC Business Mentor.

SCORE Business Plan Template.

City of Rochester Business Development

ROC The Day With SEAC!

Today is your chance to make a difference for our hundreds of members throughout the Greater Rochester Area! Just go to www.roctheday.org/seac to nail down your tax-deductible donation today and help give folks the tools they need to make the changes they want!


Enjoy some testimonials from our amazing Tool Shed members!

“It is so awesome. I can’t believe something like this exists! The first two times I went by myself but now my wife always wants to come too. She’s used the little sander for the walls and is doing all kinds of things. I was kind of scared at first to use the chainsaw because it is so much more powerful than it looks on YouTube but then I borrowed the little one and got comfortable and we use things all the time. Sometimes we just stop by when we’re in the area to check out what’s new and get tips from Nick. Everybody who works there is way too nice and it was so good that you have the young kids working there in the summer learning how to do things. I want to recommend it to my friends but I’m afraid they’ll take out all the things I want to borrow! I give it *****!”


“The Tool Shed is great! We’ve already saved $450 in just our first three weeks of membership! I was moaning over the cost of a plumbing tool at Home Depot one day when another customer told me to call Nick at the Tool Shed. I was able to borrow a shark bite pex pincher and saved $150 just for that one tool! We use our membership for our business too. We opened a community theater, The Playhouse on Park, recently and sanded all the chairs in the house with the sanders from the Tool Shed.”

– Keith More, The Playhouse on Park

“I love the Tool Shed! I keep telling everyone about it. I’ve been doing all kind of renovations to my house, and we’ve used some stuff for work outside too. I can’t wait for you to hold woodworking classes so I can get better at cutting angles and basic carpentry. I’m a new homeowner and the Tool Shed has been a life (and money) saver! I’m training to become an electrician so the Tool Shed will be handy for that too!”

– Divonte

“SEAC’s Tool Shed is fantastic! When Covid hit and we were stuck at home, we started doing all sorts of projects like building a shed and painting. It’s too bad the Tool Shed wasn’t around during the main shut down but now we’ve got momentum and we just finished the kitchen backsplash today! I’ll tell you that water saw was so amazing! It didn’t crack the tiles when we cut them, and we used the grout mixer this week to finish up. We cut new baseboards with Tool Shed loans and sanded all the floors. My parents bought this house in 1983 and I grew up here and hasn’t looked this good in years! The Tool Shed is making it possible to do all the things we’ve been talking about for years because we can do so much of it ourselves!”

-Helen and Siobhan

“Thanks to our membership with The Tool Shed, Nativity Preparatory Academy of Rochester’s students participated in a service project with other community members, teachers, and volunteers to clean up the South Wedge neighborhood on June 8,2022. The tools from the program made it possible for us to participate and give our students a chance to serve the community in a positive way. This aligns with Nativity’s core values of Respect, Responsibility, Gratitude, Spirituality and Scholarship, that we reinforce with students in our middle school program each year. Thank you for having this valuable resource in the community!”

– James C. Smith, Principal

“We just moved to Rochester and bought a house in the city. The Tool Shed has saved us a fortune! We couldn’t even afford a ladder after we moved in! There have been lots and lots of surprises, especially since we had to close without an inspection. The Tool Shed has made it possible for us to start fixing things up ourselves since we couldn’t afford to buy tools or hire out a lot of contractors. We put in a laundry room and laid a bathroom floor. The huge inventory at the Tool Shed lets us try out different tools to see which brands and kinds we like best for when we do go to make a purchase in the future. For example, now I know that the DeWalt is my favorite orbital sander. We can figure out which tools we actually need to own versus the ones we just want to borrow. There are so many “one and done projects” like our wood panel access door that it just doesn’t make sense to buy the tool for. I’ll only ever need it once and, if I do need it again, I know just where to find it! And it is so conveniently located. Where else can you get bush trimmers, reciprocating saws, a jackhammer and clamps in one place for just $25 a year?! We are getting all kinds of hands-on experience too! It’s been totally empowering for both of us!”

-Charlie and Deb

“We borrowed sanders and power saws to help my sister-in-law to replace all her flooring. We didn’t have to pay to rent anything and didn’t have to pay to have someone come in to use it! It saved us a ton of money and it brought the whole family together to get the project done.

“ -Katherine Bauroth

“Volunteering at SEAC’s Tool Shed has been a great way for me to transition to retirement. My experience in the construction industry comes in handy, whether it is in working with the tools themselves or interacting with the members. I can volunteer as much or as little as I want and feel like I’m making a real, visible impact on our community. I’ve been around tools my whole life, so it’s a great fit. The atmosphere is relaxed and positive. I really enjoy it and see how much it means to our members.”

-Pete Whelehan


Wagner Carpet and Flooring is Hiring and Will Train

Wagner Carpets and Flooring

Wagner Carpets and Flooring, one of SEAC’s Tool Shed Sponsors, is now hiring Installers or Laborers as well as a Warehouse Slash Binder.

They will train individuals. Reliable car and valid driver’s license required.

Anyone interested in applying can contact Wagner Carpets at wagercarpets@gmail.com

Are you a local business and want to spread the word about employment at your business? Email us at careers@seacrochester.org and we’ll post it on our website and social media. *

*We will try to post these as we are able depending on demand.