SEAC’s 2023 Annual Appeal is Here!

SEAC had a fantastic fiscal year for 2022-2023! Your support and donations allowed us to strengthen and amplify our programs, most notably our Tool Shed. Now that the Tool Shed is a year old, we are moving forward to develop a mobile unit of the Tool Shed. The mobile unit will allow us to get tools into the hands of our residents and communities with transportation challenges. 

We insist that cost not be a barrier to people being able to repair, build, and maintain their homes, businesses, and community. Our members are neighborhood associations, renters, property managers, skilled tradespeople, homeowners, community organizations and agencies, community gardens, and even schools. 

DEI is critical to our mission, encompassing everything we do in our Four Pillars of Focus: Poverty, Neighborhoods/Communities, Children, and Local Businesses. We are super proud of what we’ve accomplished this year (read our Community Impact Summary here) and look forward to continuing our work in 2023-2024.

We hope you’ll support our 2023 Annual Appeal. We truly appreciate your excitement and support for SEAC, our initiatives, and the Tool Shed.

Thank you and be well,

Mike Evans

Executive Director

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“It’s so affordable! Not everyone can afford to pay someone else to do it. For $25 for the whole year, I can keep borrowing different tools for all my renovations . I love the wet tile saw.

My friend Kimberly came over last week and helped me with the plumbing for my bathroom project  so I can finish the  tiling and finally be done! It’s so great not having to wait  for a contractor  or my husband to do it.  I tell all my clients about it.

Having the ability to borrow something as simple as a ladder  makes a big difference. I looked it up and they cost like $200! That’s money I can use for bills and groceries instead. I mean, I don’t need to own a ladder- I just need it  for this one project!”

–Brittany Quercia. Hear Britney compliment how helpful Nick is and discuss working on plumbing.

I’m half German, half Dutch, so a project has to be both accurate and affordable.  That’s not easy without the right tools, but the right tools are often costly to purchase.  And being a minimalist, I don’t buy things I don’t use often.  Until the Tool Shed came about, I usually made do with what I had and tried to tolerate a so-so job.  

For example, yesterday I poured concrete and used a float, which saved me time and made it much smoother than it would have if I’d done it by hand.  I used the power planer instead of hand planning a board . It came out so  smooth and I didn’t have to use all the elbow grease. The Sawzall was ideal for cutting pipes instead  of having to use a handsaw. I save so much time and money and I don’t have to store anything.

That  was just this week. Why would we need to own all those tools when we might only use it for ten minutes or once a year? I can just borrow it, get the job done, and borrow it again next time. Meanwhile someone else can be putting it to use. 

I’m looking forward to taking the upcoming DIY class on using a miter saw. I’ve used a miter box and hand saw in the past and they are sort of crude tools to join two pieces of wood at an angle. Now I’ll know how to do it better and faster and don’t even have to invest in the equipment to do it!

– Peter Siegrist

We’ve been members since you opened and love it!

I just found out that  we can see on the website all the tools you have and if they are checked out even before  we come down! I am so happy that you are doing the free classes for members.  I’m going  to sign up for the one about the miter saw. I hope you will do one on sanding floors because we can’t afford to hire someone.

You keep getting new tools and I’m getting so much done with them! The only thing that worked in this house was the owner but that’s changing!

I feel like I can do almost anything but now, I wish you had a pop up tent to borrow because I don’t have a workshop space and have to do everything outside in the yard!

That would be great to keep me out of the sun or rain!

— Marvic Agüero

Aside from the Tool Shed: We’re happy to say we got a tent now, Marvic!

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