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Dear SEAC friends,

We are hoping we can count on your generosity to make 2022 SEAC’s best year EVER!

As we prepare to shut the door in 2021, SEAC is excited to share that we will literally be opening a new door in 2022 with the relocation of our headquarters and the opening of a comprehensive tool lending library for the Greater Rochester Area!  Conveniently located at the intersection of Sager Beer Works and Tim Hortons, you will find us nestled beneath Living Roots Wine Bar at 1255 University Ave after January 1!

In addition to preparing for this exciting new initiative, we have been hard at work affecting health, hope, and happiness throughout the southeast city with projects like:

  • Collected several hundred dollars worth of classroom supplies for PK-12 teachers in collaboration with the Pencils and Paper organization.
  • Distributed 150 hygiene Blessing Bags to members of the Pearl-Meigs-Monroe Neighborhood Association.
  • Conducted a gardening workshop for people struggling with vision loss with 490 Farmers.
  • Assisted community partner Mount Hope World Singers with Covid-relief grant submission.
  • Secured four season permit for Wide Water Community Gardens.
  • Delivered hand-written holiday cards to local veterans and residents of Kirkhaven NursingHome.
  • Distributed 100 quadrant residents’ vouchers for their purchases of fresh produce at Foodlink’s Curbside Markets.
  • Subsidized a two-week photography summer camp for RCSD middle school students at the Flower City Arts Center on Monroe Ave.
  • Created Four vocational scholarships for young people at the Center For Youth to apply toward their pursuit of job training or education like nursing, electrical, or CDL operator.
  • Launched the ROCing the Takeout initiative designed to support local restaurants during the pandemic shutdown.
  • Held anti-poverty drives, which gathered needed supplies for local organizations.

Your response to this appeal will help us with the successful launch of The ToolShed, an expansive lending and learning program that will afford equitable access to home maintenance, repair, neighborhood beautification projects, educational, vocational, and volunteer opportunities and much more!  Environmentally responsible and solution-centered, The Tool Shed will be available to over 750,000 area residents, contractors, businesses, and neighborhood associations throughout the Greater Rochester Area.

Thanks much and be well!

SEAC promotes quality of life within Rochester’s South East area by connecting individuals and community partners to essential resources.

PS- A simple act of kindness can have a profound impact on an individual. Yours will make those impacts right here in the southeast area and far beyond. With your donation and support, we know 2022 will be fantastic!

Community Partner Testimonials

Mount Hope World Singers

Mount Hope World Singers is proud and grateful to call SEAC our home.  SEAC provides us with many essential components of successful not for profit function.  Including:

  • 501c3 status,
  • a vehicle to safely and responsibly handle all financial transactions,
  • connection to other Rochester organizations,
  • much needed insurance,
  • expert advice on how to thrive as a small not for profit organization,
  • access to occasional financial support,
  • and, the stability we need to focus on being the best choir we can be. 

Mount Hope World Singers is a welcoming community of singers with a small budget and volunteer management team.  As a choir, it is our goal to build community and foster intercultural understanding through engaging, high quality, respectful performance of music in original languages from around the globe.  Without SEAC, we would not have the resources to carry out this mission.  With SEAC’s support, the choir has continued to thrive even through the pandemic, and we look forward to many years of mutual cooperation.

Kathleen Fraser for the Management Team of Mount Hope World Singers

Pearl Meigs Monroe Neighborhood Association

In the spirit of “Love where you Live”, the Pearl- Meigs-Monroe Neighborhood strives to engage its residents and foster a sense of community. SEAC has been our invaluable partner in bringing these intentions to fruition since 2018.

SEAC sponsors our PMNA Blessing Box, providing personal care packets to residents in need and those passing through.  The subsequent grants   they have secured allow our own neighbors to experience the gift of giving  when we distributed over 300 Snack Packs and shelf-stable foods during the pandemic.  They also co-sponsored our very successful 2019 porch contest,  inspiring landlords and residents to invest in beautifying our community and to develop strong and healthy relationships among renters, residents, and merchants.

The PMMNA has benefitted in other ways from our membership with SEAC. They have:

  • Hosted the 1st PMMNA Landlord meeting.
  • Organized and analyzed a Visioning Session for the neighborhood’s vacant land.
  • Funded dog waste-bag dispensers.
  • Acted as liaison to various City departments and representatives.

The Pearl-Meigs-Monroe Neighborhood Association is grateful for the enduring support of SEAC and looks forward to continuing our affiliation for years to come.

PMMNA Association

Wide Water Gardens

Wide Water Gardens, located at 345 Rosedale St. in the Upper Monroe Neighborhood, was delighted to become a project of SEAC in 2020, after a decade under the auspices of the Upper Monroe Neighborhood Association. SEAC provides us with a variety of essential support services, as well as drawing us into closer contact with other community gardens and our City partners. Some of the major benefits of our association with SEAC are:

  • Liability insurance coverage.
  • Assistance applying for grants.
  • Banking.
  • Tax exempt status for purchases for garden supplies
  • Outreach to City offices.

And, most importantly, they serve as a reliable and enthusiastic partner in our efforts to maintain the garden as a thriving community asset.

Wide Water Gardens was founded in 2010 and is currently managed by a volunteer Board. We have 60 raised garden beds of varying sizes, and members cultivate their own beds and commit to helping maintain the common perennial gardens and shared grape arbors, squash bed, herb garden and berry patches. We are open to the public and we serve our neighborhood as a parklike area with benches, paths and the beauty of abundant flowers. This year we are adding a produce stand where gardeners can place surplus produce for non-members to enjoy.

Beth Jorgensen

Board President, Wide Water Gardens

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