A Whole Lotta Tool Shed Classes Going On!

by | May 9, 2023

There are several exciting classes coming to the Tool Shed and the best parts is they are open to the public… and THEY’RE FREE!

The Class

Come hangout with Jim and the Tool Shed crew and learn how to safely operate a miter saw!  This class is open to the public and FREE!  Like what the Tool Shed does?  Register on our webstie.

The Class

SEAC is collaborating with the South Wedge Mission’s Repair Café!  Come learn how to sew with hands on experience. Register on our webiste.

The Class

Everything is getting expensive out there right now, including your personal home insurance.  What are the tips to getting a better insurance rate?  And what coverages are the important ones to keep or drop?

Join us for an interactive and educational seminar where Megan Mills, owner of the Flanagan Mills Agency, will be covering the Do’s and Don’ts for saving money on your home insurance. 

If you can’t make this session, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Megan and her team at the Flanagan Mills Agency to ask any questions and get requotes. Register on our website.

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