Monroe Ave Clean Sweep Details

Good day everyone!

Can you believe Clean Sweep Day is FINALLY here?!

I am so excited to beautify and clean Monroe Ave with all of you tomorrow:)!  I’m really excited because we have so many cool projects going on tomorrow!

There are five zones we are focusing on (see images below).  These are:

Project 1- Monroe Branch Library to Flower City Arts Center (Leads- Kiki Smith- SEAC- and Elyssa Rossi-MAMA/Aaron’s Alley). 

Project 2- Flower City Arts Center to Goodman (Lead- Nick Wilbur- SEAC)

Project 3- Goodman to Averill (Lead- Mike Evans- SEAC)

Project 4- Field St to Rosedale (Lead- Rome Ceill- UMNA)

Project 5- Wadsworth Square Park area and Howell to Union (Connor Jane- WANA)

If there is a project that you are more passionate about/want to be part of, then by all means go there.  If you want to chip in wherever, we’ll begin sending people to the different projects as we assess how many volunteers arrive to each area from Innovation Field.  

If you have any questions, please let me know by emailing me at

  Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Here’s deets taken from the Monroe Ave Clean Sweep event’s FB page.

🌸 Join the South East Area Coalition, Monroe Avenue Neighbors, Merchant’s and Volunteers in a Spring Time Clean Sweep!

👇🏽Here’s what you need to know!

👉🏽Date/Time : Saturday April 29th @ 10am

♻️ Registration is not required, but encouraged. Please Register Here :

🗣Invite your friends/family/neighbors and customers to join you!

⚾️ Volunteers may join the City of Rochester at Innovation field prior to the event for breakfast & join them in the afternoon to receive a Free Ticket to that nights game if they register here :

🧹 We start cleaning at 10am on Monroe!
👉🏽Event at Innovation field starts at 8am.

🖐🏽 There will be 5 total “projects” happening on the Ave for Volunteers to join || Wadsworth Square Park || Averill to Goodman || Goodman to Wilcox || Wilcox to Monroe Avenue Library || Field to Rosedale ||

❗️ You can clean as much, or as little as you’d like! No time commitment!


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