Tool Shed Success Stories

In October my wife and I became first time homeowners and were super excited that we had access to the Tool Shed to tackle many of the projects that come with homeownership.

One project we were super excited about was our little four seasons room- we wanted to put some nice tile instead of the old carpet that was currently in the room.  We chose tile from ArtWalk Design and hired a local tile contractor to do the installation.

The weekend before the install was to start we pulled out the carpet to get the room ready to discover… tile.  That was already installed.

After I cried under my bed for 20 minutes (so Angie wouldn’t see me:P), I called Nick, who promptly asked me why I was bothering his peace of my not being at work, to see if the tools we needed were in. A quick drive to the Shed a few minutes later, with tools in hand, Angie and I got to work.

It was hard work but we got it all done before the tile was put in. We couldn’t be happier with the work Anthony Ginevra did and our floor looks fantastic.

The Tool Shed has already saved us so much money and allowed us to renovate many parts of our house (or just do preventative maintenance). I’m so proud and thankful of this program.

Be well,

Mike Evans

Executive Director

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