Happy Birthday Tool Shed! Celebrating Our First Year!

To think it’s been a year since the Tool Shed has been opened… still boggles my mind.  When I look back at what SEAC has accomplished in this past year- heh… well, I’m tired.  And proud.  And excited.

In one year, the Tool Shed has:

  • Enrolled over 300 members from over 34 zip codes.
  • We currently have members from Monroe, Livingston, and Ontario counties.
  • Gathered an inventory of over 750 tools.
  • Rented out over 1,700 tools.
  • Saved Greater Rochesterians roughly $89,000 in tool purchases.
  • Kept an estimated 3.5+ tons of tool waste out of landfills.
  • Partnered with a variety of local community organizations, Neighborhood and Merchant Associations, private businesses, and other non-profits.
  • Provided tools to community gardens and Neighborhood Associations.
  • Provide free DIY education classes to Tool Shed members.
  • We have held 8 classes with over 60 participants.
  • And more as we continue to grow!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible!  Thanks to all our community partners who donated their tools to us: Buffalo Tool Library, Fairport Tool Thriftshop, and Saint Michael’s Woodshop. 

Thanks to the residents, community organizations, and businesses that have donated, become members, and spread the word!  Your efforts and support have helped us have a banner year!

Thanks to all our amazing sponsors, who’s financial support took this program from dream to reality: Admar, Birdhouse Brewing Co., Climate Solutions Accelerator, Fox Pest Control, Hoselton Auto Mall, Dymoke Studios, Gallina Development, Harter, Secrest & Emery, LLP., Local 1071 Rochester Firefighters, Reliant Credit Union, Wagner Carpets and Flooring, Woods Oviatt Gilman, Xerox. 

Thank you to the Daisy Marquis Jones Foundation for generously awarding SEAC $10,000 to support the Tool Shed.

A HUGE thanks to ESL Federal Credit Union for awarding SEAC $10,000 to start up the Tool Shed and another $25,000 this year (2023) to keep the tool train going! 

Thank you to my board for their support, engagement, and encouragement!  You are the backbone of SEAC and the work we do.  A special thanks must be made to our board chair, who’s tireless support and dedication to our mission cannot be understated. 

Lastly, a huge thanks to my staff- each of whom I depend on and love to see every day (even Nick😉).  Kiki, Lori, and Nick you are all amazing and I appreciate you all.  Without your generosity, energy, and heart (oh, and lots of hard work!), we would not have made as big an impact as we have.  Thank you for being part of my team.

Now that we have a year under our belt, we’re excited to announce the next chapter in the Tool Shed’s story; a mobile unit of the Tool Shed!  We are starting the process of raising funds for this new program.  Once launched, once per week we will drive the TSMU (which sounds like a weird Law and Order show) to a Rochester Rec Center located in the other City quadrants (SE, NW, and NE) so we can get our tools into the hands of our residents and communities that face transportation obstacles.

Our goal is to secure funding for the TSMU to have it be solvent for 2 full years.  This includes gas, a maintenance contingency, insurance, registration, etc.  Please consider donating to SEAC today, helping us launch this new arm of the Tool Shed strong and successfully (so please consider supporting SEAC today!). 

Additionally, we are still looking for volunteers to help out at the Tool Shed or those who are interested in volunteering their time to drive the truck and/or help rent out tools at our various stops.  Together we can give the residents in our neighborhoods and businesses and organizations in our communities the tools they need to create the changes they want to make.

Seriously, it has been a humbling experience to see the excitement and support for SEAC this past year and my team and I are looking forward to this next year and beyond!

Enough rambling for now.  Happy Birthday Tool Shed.  We’re proud of you. 

Be well all,

Mike Evans

Executive Director

South East Area Coalition

Ps: Thanks to Kiki for getting a delicious cake from Get Caked for the occasion!

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