Feeling Your Way Gardening Event at Kirkhaven Nursing Home

Groundhog got you down? Not us!

We had great time helping residents of Kirkhaven plant the seeds for a Three Sisters Garden! Come this spring, we’ll be planting these at our partner Community Garden, 490 Farmers!

Using adaptive color and texture techniques for challenges of vision loss, Kirkhaven graciously hosted the first workshop in our 2023 Feeling Your Way gardening series.

We shared stories, memories, folklore, smiles and more smiles as we started squash, corn, tomato and other plants for germination on their sunny, warm, and joyful window sills!

Keep your eyes, ears, noses and fingers peeled for more information about our Three Sisters Planting Day on April 23!


SEAC is dedicated to creating an open, safe environment for all our employees, volunteers, community members and residents.  SEAC’s mission is to promote quality of life within the southeast area of Rochester by connecting individuals and community partners to essential resources.  Our Tool Shed’s mission is to provide our members the tools they need to create the changes they want.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are at the core  of every facet of SEAC’s mission and work, not just in our service area, but throughout Greater Rochester.

Check out our Pillars of Focus Impact Summary for our 2022-2023 Fiscal Year to see the work SEAC’s done in our neighborhoods and communities and beyond.

Free Financial Literacy Course

SEAC and KeyBank are collaborating to a course on Financial Literacy!

This class will be both virtual and a limited amount of spots for in person. The first class will be held in February 27th.

If you are interested in attending, please fill out this quick survey from KeyBank. Their educators will tailor build the class based on what interests the group most.

Secondly, please fill out SEAC’s Financial Class Registration, so we can contact you with the exact date and time, zoom information, and/or any other information and updates.

This class is free and open to the public! Sign up today!