South East Area Coalition Vocational/Trade School Scholarship Recipient!

We are thrilled to announce another recipient of our South East Area Coalition Vocation/Trade School Scholarship Fund for Center For Youth, Roberto Murray.

Andrea Creary, the Learn2Earn Coordinator at Center for Youth, shared a little bit about Roberto with us. SEAC is happy we could assist Roberto in his journey and wish him nothing but success!

Roberto lives in one of our shelters in the South East area of Rochester.  He is low income and a minority. Roberto recently completed an asbestos handling certification and is now attending the ITEC Construction program, while working part-time in an internship at Imprintable Solutions, a locally owned small business.
Roberto is a very driven young man.  He has proven reliability and dedication by consistently attending classes, showing up for work and attending meetings with staff at The Center for Youth.
Thank you for the opportunity to nominate this wonderful young man.

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