Welcome to Our SOOP Interns!

SEAC is super excited to be participating in the Summer of Opportunity Program (SOOP). We are happy to welcome our four new summer youths that will work along side the SEAC crew to get first hand work experience and engage with many Rochester communities at the Tool Shed.

Here’s to an awesome eight weeks with these cool youths!


I’m Benjamin and I like to ride dirt bikes and go out of town and I’m from Atlanta .


Hi my name is Brandon and I like fixing cars and playing football and basket ball.

Elijah Dobbs

My name is Elijah Dobbs and I and this year’s summer intern at the Tool Shed. I live by the Mt. Hope cemetery. I go to school of the arts, my major is orchestra and I play the violin. Also, I swim and play baseball for SOTA. My hobbies include photography and riding my bike around Rochester. In my spare time I run a lawn mowing business called the “Lawn Barber”. I look forward to helping make the city a better place to live one project at a time.


Rafael is 14 years old and is a rising sophomore at Hope Hall School in Gates.  His favorite subject in school is history and he hopes to join the US military upon graduating.  He is very helpful, respectful and polite.  In his free time he enjoys playing sports, video games and spending time with his friends.

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