Thanks to the Tool Thrift Shop for a Wonderful Gift

Thanks to Bill Evans, Terri Geen, and the Tool Thrift Shop crew for their constant support and friendship to the Tool Shed! I greatly appreciate it. Additionally thanks to Bill for the wonderful words you can read below:

SEAC’s Tool Shed and Tool Thrift Shop working together for a better Toolmorrow.

The Tool Shed and Tool Thrift Shop have collaborated to provide a unique Tool
Experience that is not often found in a BIG box store or with an Internet purchase.

Both stores are non-profit volunteer run, operating on the generosity of donors and the Support of our clients.  The Tool Shed provides a subscription based membership, allowing for the borrowing of tools for a specific time period.  The Tool Thrift Shop retails donated tools/hardware for clients purchase, with proceeds benefiting Senior Programs in Perinton.

Both stores welcome your donations and patronage during retail hours.  These donations provide for the Reuse, Recycling and Reduction of materials that may have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

These hand painted saws were created by Terri Geen and each store proudly displays her work.

While the two business concepts differ, they both together, yet individually, support a singular cause of getting Quality Tools into the hands of those that need them, throughout the entire area.

Support SEAC Today!

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