We’re Looking For Volunteers

SEAC is looking for individuals interested in volunteering at our Tool Shed program!  Please fill out our volunteer registration form.  You’ll be contacted by a SEAC staff member soon.

You can read more about the Tool Shed Tech volunteer position here.

More Tool Shed Info


SEAC has been busy developing our new community program, SEAC’s Tool Shed. This program, inspired by the successful (and awesome) The Tool Library in Buffalo, NY, will provide accessibility to tools to any resident, business, or organization in the Greater Rochester Area, for a small annual fee ($25 per year for the basic level). Tools are expensive and shouldn’t be an obstacle to anyone wanting to do repairs on their home, business, or in their community.

Many people do not purchase tools because either they cannot afford them or simply do not wish to pay for something they will use once, maybe twice, in their lifetime. This program removes both of those hurdles, giving access to tools to those who need and want it. Community groups looking to engage in Clean Sweeps, neighborhood beautification projects and the like, need look no further than SEAC’s Tool Shed to assist with their needs. Low-income homeowners wanting to complete repairs on their home should be able to do so without tool cost barriers holding them back. Independent contractors looking to earn income and hone their skills should not miss out because they can’t afford all the tools for the job.

We have located a space and are currently negotiating the terms of the lease. We look forward to sharing it with you when we are able! Our goal is to start receiving tool donations from the community beginning in mid-January, once we get settled.

We are thrilled to give a HUGE thank you to ESL for very generously awarding SEAC a grant for $10,000 to help make our Tool Shed a realty!

Additionally, we’ve received nearly $1,500 in donations from our community! Thank you all so very much for your support in this project!


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