Village to Village” Neighborhood Network

by | Oct 6, 2021

Note: this is not a program of SEAC. We are just spreading the word of an organization aiming to allow our residents to age in place in their homes and communities.

Dear Neighbor,

We are a group of Rochester area friends and neighbors, at or near retirement age, committed to “aging in place.”

Our goal is to create a “Village to Village” neighborhood network (check out to learn more) for seniors 55 and older. A Village provides a strong, inclusive community of caring neighbors that offers members new opportunities to age successfully in their homes. ROC NEIGHBORS NETWORK will connect its members to a full range of practical support services to help with non-medical household tasks, services, programs and transportation. We will also promote staying active by coordinating recreational, social, educational and cultural programs. These social activities minimize isolation and promote interaction among members.

We hope you will take the time to complete the enclosed survey so that we may assess interest within our community for such services. We would appreciate your completing this survey if one or more members of your household is age 55 and over.

If you care to reach out for more info, contact Marsha Boelio, founder, ROC NN

For a “live” view of what the Village model offers, check out these videos:


The ROC Neighbors Network Committee

Marsha Boelio         Emily Kelsey             Susan Korpeck                               

Judy Loeb                 Chris Murray

Here’s what other Villages around the country are saying…

“Canopy of Neighbors creates new pathways to aging well and aging independently in community.”

“Love Living at Home (LLH) is not a place on a map – it is a gateway to relationships and resources for older adults who desire to live in the homes and neighborhoods they love.”

“We are welcoming network of people helping people.  Our programs enrich life and forge connections for new friendships.”  When you need peace of mind, support is one phone call away.”

“The concept is to create a virtual retirement village of seniors who want to support one another as they age at home…”

“Collaboration is one of our core principles.  LLH does not duplicate services but rather is a network of collaborations with local providers of home care, home maintenance, and other services who share our vision to support dignity and independence for those who choose to age at home, including Office for the Aging, Lifelong, Human Services Coalition, Foodnet, Visiting Nurse Service, and Caregivers.”

“Aging is a time for fulfillment.  It need not be passive.  Let’s embrace Action Aging.  Today, Age is the golden time of freedom. (Carlsbad, CA)”