Playful Sidewalks

On July 10th, SEAC partnered with the Swillburg Neighborhood Association and two talented artists, Chloe Smith and LaShonda Davis to create two beautiful Playful Sidewalks in our service area!

We had coffee, donuts, laughs, and some young helpers, eager to spend the day painting! Thank you to everyone involved in this project and thanks to everyone who came out to say hi and help paint!

Thank you and be well,

Mike Evans

Executive Director

Chloe Smith Sidewalk (Corner of Field and Henrietta)

LaShonda Davis Sidewalk (corner of Pinnacle and Laburnam)

Here’s some fun pictures of the various festivities!

3 Replies to “Playful Sidewalks”

  1. Beautiful! Kudos to the painters of all ages, Chloe, LaShondra, Swillburg neighbors and SEAC. What a great project. Way to go!


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