Playkit Drive for Kids!

SEAC is doing a playkit drive, supporting Healthi Kids! We are looking for sidewalk chalk, blowing bubbles, and crayons! You can drop off the donations at our main office or go directly to our wishlist!

Background on Playkits

Healthi Kids is a grassroots initiative of Common Ground Health. Together, our coalition advances policies, systems and environmental changes that prioritize kids and families at the center of all decision making. Our advocacy agenda centers around preventative actions that support children’s physical, social emotional, and physical health in Rochester and the Finger Lakes Region.

For the last decade, our coalition has been advancing safe and accessible play for children and their families across the city. Healthi Kids PlayROCs Advocacy Committee is comprised of residents, caregivers, neighborhood associations, the faith community and organizations. Together, the advocacy committee advances policy, systems and environmental changes that support a more playful city as part of our “PlayROCs campaign”.

In response to COVID-19, the PlayROCs Advocacy Committee members wanted to ensure every child still had access to unstructured play throughout the summer. Caregivers have shared with Healthi Kids staff that they are resource-overloaded but rarely have the material they need to execute the lessons or ideas they are seeing online.

In partnership with the City of Rochester’s Department of Recreation and Youth Services, the PlayROCs Advocacy Committee developed a pilot to put unstructured play items into the hands of kids and families. Between May 2020 and July 2020, we have distributed over 3,000 play kits across the City of Rochester. To date, the kits have been funded by both the Greater Rochester Health Foundation and the City of Rochester Department of Recreation and Youth Services.

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